Mural artwork for Halloween is a big way to get a spook out of your favorite scary images for a little bit longer. With a haunted house or movie, characters will flash before your eyes, but with a scary Halloween mural, you can stay and admire for longer.

Art Z Flooring & Decorating’s decorating services include faux finishes, murals, hand-painted furniture, color consultation, custom artwork, and illustrations. We constantly study the fashion industry and color trends to provide our customers with the best selection available.


The image above of the chilling Pennywise from Stephen King’s It is on the back wall of an Airbnb rental in California. It was completed in less than a day. While this work was not created by Art Z, it does bring someone else’s vision to life, which is something Zaneta from Art Z enjoys doing.

Zaneta has been creating artwork in one form or another since she was about 7 years old. Now, we serve homeowners in the western suburbs of Chicago and team with you to personalize and customize your home.

A Pennywise mural on their home is not for everyone. Some may opt for a slightly smaller piece of art. The piece below is haunting Pennywise fan art from a lifetime fan.


From prehistoric times we have been painting on our walls. Traditional paint effects have their origins in the great castles and mansions of European aristocracy. When it comes to your home, we can mix colors to match anything from a leaf picked up on a country walk to a specific color in your fabrics.

See some of our works here