Radiant Flooring Installation

Tired of cold feet on tile floors? Radiant floor heating can be just the answer you’re looking for to create a more comfortable environment. With new flooring installation, adding radiant heating is a great add-on that can make a big difference.

How Radiant Flooring Works

The radiant floor heating mechanism consists of a thin sheet of heating cables that are installed under tile. Connected to a separate thermostat, the flooring temperature can be easily adjusted for personal preference or the time of year (e.g. warmer in the winter). The heating sheets are also very thin and are easily incorporated in new construction or remodeling projects. With no further maintenance involved after installation, radiant heated floors are a great, worry-free upgrade.

Where to Install Radiant Flooring

Typically, radiant floor heating is installed in bathrooms or basements under tile or stone. However, it can be installed basically anywhere that you would appreciate the warmth; including foyers, living rooms, laundry rooms, and more. While radiant floor heating is also typically installed cooler stone, it can be installed under carpet, wood, and laminate flooring as well.

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