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Decorating Services

From prehistoric times we have been painting on our walls. Traditional paint effects have their origins in the great castles and mansions of European aristocracy. There is a huge selection of traditional and contemporary effects that will transform your home into something unique and personal. I can mix colors to match anything from a leaf picked up on a country walk to a specific color in your fabrics. There really are no limits to what you can do!

Custom Murals & Artwork

Zaneta has been creating artwork in one form or another since she was about 7 years old. There have been pockets of time in her life where she did not create art at all, these have undoubtedly been her OTHER moments and she has since vowed to make sure that art and creativity be a constant and integral aspect of her life. Her art is her life, a reflection of it, an expression of it, and like life, it is a journey that is constantly changing, growing and transforming.